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Rhyme & Reason

Kimmie KC

Join me, Kimmie KC, for RHYME & REASON where you'll find poetry and song for all of life's seasons. Whether you're 7 or 107, I have something just for you! So grab a cup of your favorite coffee, tea, or hot chocolate if you please, and make yourself at home as we share the wedded bliss of poetry and song in a novel way that brings profoundly new insight on relevant topics and issues that transcend time. If you're sick and tired of the same old things, then Rhyme & Reason is sure to take you beyond ordinary. Please make sure you go to CoffeeTeaandPoetry.com/shop to order your favorite gourmet beverages and the official coffee, tea, and elegantly delightful ceramic spooner cups! Then, come spoon with me, Kimmie KC, as we stir some things up.If the RHYME & REASON podcast enriches your life and you want to ensure its long-term success, please become a patron of the show and make a monthly pledge to ensure new and compelling content can be produced and made available on a recurring basis.